Confessions of an Internet Marketing Guru

It is impossible to be an Internet Marketer and not hear anything about SEO. For those of you that are new, SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. This involves optimizing your content so that it could rank highly on Google. If you are wondering how it is done, there are so many aspects to SEO. The most commonly referred to aspect of SEO is keywords. Keywords usage and keyword placement is in fact an important part of SEO. You have to make sure that your keywords are placed so that the search engines can pick it up and rank it. Affordable SEO services are skilled in the placement of keywords.

As time went on and search engines have adjusted their algorithms, more aspects of a website were recognized for SEO. For one thing, keyword usage ceased being the only aspect of SEO. Search engines started to look at the relevancy of the content to the keyword. After all, search engines were designed to give the users what they want. It can be frustrating to search for a topic that you are interested in and all you get is either sites that happen to list the keyword but otherwise have nothing to do with what you are searching, or worse, a site that is keyword stuffed to the point that it is incoherent.

Other elements that are important to SEO are backlinks, images, video, ease of navigation, user friendliness, and activity. Search engines look at the overall value of the site. For one thing, if a site is boring, then it is not that likely to rank high. An example is a site or blog that is just text compared to a website that has text as well as video and images. When looking for affordable search engine optimization programs, it is important that they know how to provide an overall enjoyable site for the user. Low cost SEO services will use all of these factors and others to build a high profit site.

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